Woods Clearing Equipment

Many landowners would like to clear off some or all of their woods if they had the right equipment, but they fear that the woods equipment is too expensive. All you need to clear your woods is a skid steer and some woods clearing equipment from Everything Attachments. This guide will take you from wooded land to green grass, showing you all the equipment you will need in between, and the easiest way to use woods equipment for the best look for your land.

Cutting Down Trees

To begin clearing your land you will need to take all the trees down in the area you plan on clearing, to do this one of the best tools is a Magnum Mulcher available from Bradco. A Magnum Mulcher uses fast spinning hammers with sharpened edges to eat away at the trunk of the trees quickly and clearing trees within minutes. You may want to mulch the trees down from the start as is done in the video below, but some land-owners have other uses in mind such as fire wood, or building, in this case the mulcher can be mounted on the front of a skid steer, and used on the trunk of the tree for a quick way to cut down trees.

Watch Mulcher in Action

Removing Logs

To remove logs in an efficient way, you can use a brush grapple bucket that is shaped much like a regular bucket, but has a grappling attachment on the top that uses the skid steers hydraulic power to grapple on to brush or trees to make them easily managed and removed. There are many manufacturers of brush grapples, the best one for your use is determined by the size, power, and hydraulic flow of your machine.

Removing Brush

After the trees have been removed from the project area, many times there are large grown up areas filled with brush and briars. One of the easiest ways to remove unwanted brush is with a brush cutter. A brush cutter is a lage attachment that goes on the front of a skid steer or large tractor, and has a large disc with blades mounted on the outside edge, all of this is powered by your skid steer's hydraulic system.
Bradco Brush Cutter

Removing Stumps

Construction Attachments Wicked Stump GrappleStumps can be one of the hardest parts of clearing land, until you get a Wicked Stump Grapple from Construction Attachments. This stump grapple uses the universal quick attach standard to mount on the front of your skid steer, and eagle-like jaws to bite into the ground and wrestle the stump out with sheer hydraulic force. The wicked stump grapple can be purchased as the bottom bucket only or with the grapple on the top for massive clamp down force.

Watch Stump Grapple in Action

Cutting Logs

The logs on the property can be sold, or used as fire wood, the best way to make them a manageable size is to use a chainsaw and cut them to the desired length. Chainsaws come in many different brands and sizes, but one of the best saws on the market is the Oregon Ready Now 40v Cordless Electric Chainsaw. The Oregon chainsaw is ready to go at a moments notice, without mixing gas, and checking spark plugs, its just a simple, ready to go chainsaw that is ready when you are, and when the battery dies, it charges in 1 to 2 hours.

Listen to the difference